Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Weeks! YIKES!!

With just two short weeks left to go, you'd think I would be all packed up with everything in order and me ready to hop on the first thing smokin' out of AZ.  But then when you remember it's procrastinating Dametreea we're talking about, you'll immediately know that this isn't quite the case.

I ended up moving from Tucson a few days later than expected and didn't get to go on my Cali trip :(.  However, I did get to see the most amazing person off to her heavenly home.  I will always love and miss you Alicia *mwuah* I wouldn't have missed your ceremony for the world!

Now for this packing thing.  I somehow seemed to fit what was left of my belongings after my apartment sale into my old room in my mother and father's house, and believe me when I say I have stuff EVERYWHERE! I can take about two steps into my room (three if the steps are really small) then I begin to trip and stumble over boxes, papers, trinkets--you name it.

Aside from the stresses of packing, buying supplies, and filling out last minute paperwork, I am enjoying my time at home with my family.  Three things I'll miss the most: 

1. Running through the house and being silly with my 29 year old sister (yes TWENTY NINE) and snuggling up close to her when she's not picking on me :)

2. Just being able to see my mom every day.  Greeting her at the garage door when she comes in from work...and her very creative, very delicious dinners! :)

3. My stepdad coming in from work and saying "where's my hug" and coming into my room every 5 minutes (literally) to see if I'm okay or if I need anything...and the $20 he slides me every now and again :)

Okay, I'm going to stop before I get teary-eyed.  Leaving for two years is still bitter sweet, but I've decided I'm just going to take everything in stride.  I'm feeling excited, a teeny bit overwhelmed, but most of all, I am thankful for this amazing opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with.  No matter what goes on while I am away, I will always wake up and thank God for making this dream a reality and for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

Now that I'm finished with my ramble of an update, I've got to get back to my loooong to-do list--in no particular order:

Funny how I finished the last thing first :)

Love and Peace Corps,


  1. How did you get the clock featured on your blog??? It's way cool. This is Camille BTW

    1. I just googled clock widgets for blogger and went to the website I liked the best. If you want one for your page, you can just click on mine and it should take you to the website


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